Sensory Dinosaur Skeleton Dig

Dinosaur sensory dig

Sensory Dinosaur Skeleton Dig

If you have a child with a big interest in Dinosaurs then check out this really simple “Sensory Dinosaur Skeleton Dig”.  It’s really easy to set up and can be adapted for many other themes.

I used kinetic sand as the base for my tray but you could use anything you like. Sand would be a good base as more like the ground Dino bones are found in! You could also use a cereal base for young children that like to put things in their mouth! The good thing about this Sensory Dinosaur Skeleton Dig,is that you can change the sensory base to suit your child or just to use what you have in the house.

I picked up the skeleton skulls, bones and mini skeletons from Amazon for a small amount! The skulls are from Safari Toobs. We love using Safari Toob sets and buy them whenever I find a set on offer! They make great additions to your small world play!

I asked the children to use the paint brush to move the sand carefully off the bones like a real archaeologist would. Carefully to protect the bones!

This activity meets the following areas of the EYFS:
  • Physical Development
  • Language and Communication
  • Understanding the world


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