Today has been a PJ day! Lots of relaxing and playing together. The Lush paper arrived a couple of days ago and they found it on the side and ran off to make Christmas lists of all the lovely lush things they want!
LOOK!!! More writing from Brendan and all through his own choice!

We have had the Duplo out, Dr Who toys, Re-creations of last nights Dr Who treat and the end to poor Amy Pond 🙁  The one bit of telly I allowed this week and it brought on nightmares in my eldest lol… he hasn’t crawled in to my bed in the night in years!

We have had a friend over to visit this morning, and the boys Grandparents came, delivering a new temporary cd player for them to borrow and some junk modeling goodies and also a couple of new fish for the tank!

We did a spot of tidying and cleaning in the boys room. Brendan crawled under the bed with the hoover hose and cleaned the dust from the carpets and even the skirting boards!

We made chocolate cup muffins for pudding and made lots of funny faces while they gobbled it all up!

This evening we finished off the night with a game or 2 of “Guess Who” with Daddy and then played in a Glow stick bath!! Nice and relaxing before bed!

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