Well i don’t have any pictures of today’s screen free time sadly but I still want to record it.

This morning both boys got up and got dressed. They both had breakfast before doing anything else! This might not sound like a big deal, but is something i have been “Nagging” them to do for over a year. I have been getting cross that they are sat watching tv when they haven’t eaten, despite our rule that telly does not go on until they are all ready for school.  But today it was not problem. Both of the boys had eaten, before I had even finished getting dressed this morning!

The second lovely thing about our morning was the no arguments! Not one!

Kenzie and I had a couple of games of “guess who” and then, while I made the pack lunches, Brendan started to teach Kenzie how to play chess! The house felt calm and stress free!

This afternoon has been a bit different. Kenzie has asked about when TV is coming back, but excepted much quicker than yesterday that it was not for some time yet. Brendan was allowed TV as soon as Daddy came home from work. He had a visit to secondary school and it did not go well. He came home in a right state and needed calming quite quickly. I sent him outside with fire building materials and the chimnea and that soon brought him back round and before long he was mesmerized by the flickering flames and crackles. Sat out in the Autumn cold with no shoes on, but warm by the fire. He stayed there till the fire burned out and then came in to shower off the bonfire smell. Then he curled up with daddy for a film in our bedroom.

Kenzie an I however enjoyed story after story! He read so much more than normal. I read to him and then he read to me again. I didn’t feel like the evening was rushed, trying to fit in everything. TV was taking up so much of our time even when it was only on for a couple of hours a night. We cuddled and chatted together until bed time and then I took him upstairs and tucked him in for the night.

So that was day 2!

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