SCREEN FREE – day 12

Another post a day late. slacking!

No pics either I am afraid.

The boys invited friends over to play after school. The bigger boys played Hexbugs while the younger 2 played downstairs with the duplo. Once their friends had gone home they had dinner and went up for showers. Helped with the dishwasher and before I knew it it was nearly Kenzies bed time. Brendan sat with Daddy on our bed and his hours screen time. He chose computer time and Kenzie sat in the bathroom with his feet in my bath water and read his school book to be while I had a bath.

His books are about 32 pages and half picture half writing. He is doing really well and his reading flows so nicely. Tonight’s story was about a school trip to an island and how the school helped to save the animals and the island from Toxic dumping and pollution! He needed help with some bigger words, like Photographer! Once he had finished his book he decided he was going to get in the bath with me and play with the bubbles from my bubble bath. We talked about what he had learnt at school and he said he learnt about sheep! They are learning about Farms this term. He asked me about animals and I kept pretending to get it wrong. I would say “Oh yes… I know that animal… its the one with…. ” and then start to describe a different animal. He would laugh and then tell me “No!!! that’s a ….” and tell me what it was I was describing. This gave him almost an hour of amusement!

Then it was time for bed!

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