Maths is everywhere! It is all to easy to think that we need to set up mathematical areas and activities but the most valuable learning takes place in a more natural, daily way. I have been making more of a point of noticing these opportunities as they happen and supporting those moments appropriately.

One of these moments happened on a day trip to a local river for a play. While we stopped for our lunch, little “M” counted each of her pieces of satsuma before eating one.  Then she counted again. I took this opportunity to make a mental observation of where her counting was at while joining in the game and showing how much fun i was having watching her count. 

I noticed her counting seems to have regressed a little so we are going to work on this area. 
I used phrases like “1 less” and “we now have fewer”  to show that we were subtracting them as she ate each piece. When we counted again I would count with her to support her with the numbers that she was missing out. By the end of it she had started to include some of the missing numbers again herself. 

By counting each segment one at a time and pointing to it, we reinforced her understanding of numbers having a meaning and representing quantity.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Mathematical 

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