I thought I would catch up on some of the blog posts that are still waiting to be written.

Last week we had a rather iffy day, weather wise. It was cloudy and drizzly with some lovely sunny moments. We had not planed to go out anywhere that day and were sort of winging it a bit. “E” and “L” were on holiday so there were not so many of us in the house.

Kenzie and little “R” wanted to make a cake! I asked Kenzie what type of cake and he said a Lemon one. Thankfully we had everything we needed and I found a recipe on the BBC food webpage.

It was lovely to watch them working together. Kenzie weighing out the ingredients and reading the recipe to see what we had to do next. Little “R” wanted to test everything. Taste it, stick her fingers in and small the lovely scent of the lemons!

We enjoyed some painting with our lovely Stockmar watercolours! Little “R” spent a lot of time mixing the colours to see what new ones she could make. sometimes on the paper and sometimes in the pots.

We used charcoal to add fine detail to the pictures!

Kenzie painted a wishing well fountain with coins in it and people all around making wishes.

He also painted a mountain with pine trees growing all over it.

Kenzie added climbers, mountains goats and a bear!

 After the cake came out of the oven we made a lemon and sugar sauce to pour over it.

The boys and I had a game of Cludo. We love this game. Brendan is getting very good at working out the murderer and using his own method to work his way though the suspects. Kenzie and I tend to work as a team as he doesn’t quite have the idea of the game completely yet. But I can see it all slowly falling in to place, the more we play.
Brendan decided to get his painting pencils out and cover his paper in symbols. These were all to do with Skylanders. Sklanders are one of the big interests he has at the moment. Them and Dragon city from the Facebook game. It amazes me how much he knows about each element, how the evolve and what they can all do. With the dragons he knows which dragons you need to breed to get a different type of dragon egg.

The sky became very dark suddenly and the heavens opened.  We decided we would have a giggle and throw each other out in the rain.

So much fun! Who needs sun when the sky gives you a water splash park!

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