Just take a look at these AWESOME Superhero peg dolls. 

Meet the gang. The most magical, amazing set of Superheroes you’ll ever find. Each one has a super power to help sort an odd little worry or niggle.
Set of 6, made from beautifully handcrafted sustainable rubber wood with storage bag. Size: H15cm. Age: 3 years +. £29.95 (ex. VAT)

We were sent a set from Early Years Resources to give an honest and true review of these and the Superhero play mat for tough trays. We were not paid to do this review but were allowed to keep the toys.

So here goes…… They are super cute, colourful, and the perfect size and weight for little hands to hold and play with. I expected them to be much smaller so I was pleasantly surprised to find they were much larger than standard peg dolls. 
The hand painted effect makes them feel homemade but with a fantastic finish and quality.
They have proved to be durable and despite being played with by 14 children, between the ages of 1 year and 16 years, they have not chipped or scratched! We have tested these over a 4 week period, the duration of our Superhero topic! They are now a firm favourite and have been included in so many other areas of play. The playdough, Fire station, blocks and construction corner and even cuddled at nap time! One Superhero must have had “super baby soothing” powers, as Sucking on his head really helped to cheer her up!

The play mat is designed to be used in a tough tray but as I don’t have one I just lay it out and it worked fine like that. Its made from the same type of fabric as a car road mat. This means that it stays put and does not slip about during use. 
Many of the mats I have looked at before, that are slightly cheaper, have been printed on tough vinyl. These are great, but after some washing and use I have found the picture scuffs and can wear off. These will not deteriorate in the same way due to the carpet type fabric they are printed on. For a couple of pounds more you can buy these with a much longer shelf life.

The midnight city skyline mat can be found here for  £18.95 (ex. VAT).
EYR have a whole range of different Tuff Tray mats available in their range and these are fantastic for enhancing play and creating an inviting play scene.
They are easy to clean by using a damp cloth for any marks and spills and can be hoovered to remove dust and dried soiling. 

Check out the full range at Early Years Resources! 

We really are very pleased with both these toys and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy items like these and increase their Superhero range! 
Superhero play has been a great way to encourage children to talk positively about their own skills. Raises conversations about kindness and helping others. It is a great topic for little ones to explore!

Disclaimer – We were sent the product and asked for an honest review. All opinions given are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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