As seasoned board game players we are always keen to try out a new game. The creators of Randomise sent us this fun new game and it didn’t take us long to get our heads round it and stuck in to a game.

What is Randomise?
 Randomise is a simple team game where you are given a crazy random identity and you have to act, draw or describe it to your team mates. 

How do you play?
 The game comes with 3 decks of cards. Each labeled A,B or C. You select a card from each pile and declare Easy or hard. (you get more points for hard). The opposing team then give you 3 random numbers between 1 and 3 and you then match the numbers to the cards to find out your unique identity! The same number can be given more than once!

Card A – gives a description of you
Card B – tells you what you are
Card C – tells you what you are doing

Then the fun begins! You have to help your team guess who you are by either, describing, acting or drawing out clues while they all shout out their guesses.

So If we use the cards above and the number you were given was a 1, then your identity would be a “nosy rat playing the saxophone”!  For every card your team guesses they get a point and if they guess your complete identity then the team gets bonus points! If the team can not guess your identity then the other team get to confer and make a guess. If they are luck they can steal your bonus points!
The winner is the first team to reach 30 points!

So what did we think?
 Well we had a ball with this one! The great thing was that you have 3 options for getting your identity across to the team. Some jumped up right away to act while I prefer to draw my identity. You also get longer on the timer for drawing than you do to act or vocalise it. 
This makes it really inclusive and allows each player to work with their strengths. 

Secondly, I would say the age range is key. I had a couple of players that were younger than 8 playing and the reading is quite important. So unless you have someone sat out watching who can help them, it does make it tricky if you are not confident with your reading. 

The creativity involved in this game is fantastic! You really have to get the brain matter working so that you can get your identity across to your team. Some of the cards are really tricky to portray! Its fun to be challenged and also to see how each person views their identity and chooses to portray it! Lots of room for out of the box thinking!

Brilliant for building your confidence if you are not keen on being the center of attention. Unlike charades where you have to stand up and act (which I hate doing) you can pick something different and build up your confidence with that till you relax enough to try a different approach. Even I got up and acted in the end!

Kids get to learn new words! Expanding understanding and vocab! Learning more “WOW” words! (or so our primary school would call it). This would be a fantastic game to use in a classroom! In fact I think I will let our local school know about it! 

All in all we think this is a great game and will be taking it to our friends tonight while we eat takeaway! It is super portable due to it’s size and so easy to learn and play. The only thing I think might improve the game is the addition of little egg timers. we just used our mobile phones to time each turn, but children are often very visual and egg timers show you how much time has passed and how much you still have to go. I know I preferred this when I played games such as Pictionary and Dingbats when I was little. 

You can buy the game direct from Gamely through Amazon for £11.99 by clicking here 
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Disclaimer – We were sent the product and asked for an honest review. All opinions given are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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