The playroom is in the middle of a re-vamp. I want the children to still have free access to the toys but as my boys get older I would really not like to look at every toy we own on open shelves. On top of that, the constant change in weather has started to damage items in the play room. Strong sunlight and damp have taken their toll on my books and games boxes in particular.

So this is the new set up! Pretty pleased with it. The units are Ikea and not a bad price for the amount we bought. The door hinges however are an unbelievable PIG to use and put on. My partner is bruised from the force of trying to screw them in and we were up till 3am in the end just getting the doors on. Ikea….. you need to look at this issue!

The next job on the list is to buy a couple of strong storage ottomans so that all the playmobil and happy land have a home and also to provide the room with some more seating/ lay down and chill out spots!

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