Today we puled out our Spring sensory box. I think we needed to think about Spring even if it didn’t feel like Spring outside, with all the rain and cold weather.
Little “R” and  little “L” always enjoy the sensory trays and they got stuck in right away. feeling the cold rice on their hands and watching it fall between their fingers. We used spoons and pots to transfer the rice and  fished out the little fluffy chicks and wooden animal shapes.

Before long I started to hear little snippets of conversation between the girls about cooking.  Little “L” was saying “I’m making dinner” and little “R” replied with “Me too!”
 I popped to the pan draw and gathered some items and then some different utensils from the pot on the counter. The play took a different direction and was not about Spring any more and all about cooking! I could hear lots of conversation about being careful as the pans are hot!

Each child was fully engrossed and immersed in their play. Practising their pouring skills. Trying hard to control one bowl while lifting it, dealing with the changing weight and balance as the contents fell from one bowl in to another. Other children worked on carefully controlling a spoon to lift rice from one pot in  to another and even using the spoon to fish out little chicks.

Before long the babies were brought to the kitchen and fed the dinner that they had all been cooking!

When little “X” arrived to play later in the day, we added some dried chick peas to the play. This gave them another ingredient for their cooking and they suddenly started to make cakes and do “Mixey mixing!”

We did have a few small….. and some rather larger spills but this just gave them the opportunity to try out the dust pan and brush! It is a useful life skill and one I think we will practice a little more often!

This activity occupied the children for several hours. They moved away for a run around and a change of scenery for about half an hour. Enjoyed a drink and a snack and then chose to come back to this. The weather outside was very grotty and it was lovely to see them so involved in their play. Each child focused on their own task and setting their own goals to achieve. For some this was stirring the rice and for others it was transferring it from one pot to another. Each child trying and achieving! The imaginative play was wonderful to see and there was not one cross word shared between them. Such a calming and fun shared activity!

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Art and Design 

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