After painting up our lovely pots and choosing seeds at the garden center, we thought we better get on and plant them. The pots have dried nicely and each child filled their pots with compost, made some holes for the seeds, spread some seeds in to the soil and then watered.

 I am not sure how much will grow or what will grow. There were some rather heavy handed seed distributing going on and i suspect they will need thinning out a bit if they do start to sprout!

I also had to share this little moment with you all! Little “R” and Little “L” have a new favourit spot in the garden! The flower bead. They choose a bath book from the outdoor reading area and settle down together to read and look through the pictures! So very sweet!

Matilda has been escaping which has caused the girls much excitement and joy! I think she needs her flight feathers clipping again as she has had a molt recently.

My cheeky but beautiful Matilda!

The girls watching and squealing! Wanting to touch her but not quite plucking the up the courage to climb on the  log and give her a stroke!

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