Wednesday of this week was spent learning about growing things! We took a trip to the garden center to look at different types of plants and trees. We had two tasks to complete. We needed to choose a climbing plant that would spread over our fence and make it pretty. It needed to be happy in shade and in wet soil. We looked the labels on the plants we liked the look of to see if they would be happy in this environment. I didn’t take any pictures at the garden center sadly. I was too busy keeping 6 children focused! We then moved on to choosing seeds to plant! Each child chose something they wanted to grow. Most chose something they could also eat. I was very impressed with Little “E”. He is really not a child who enjoys fruit and veg and we have been working hard at trying some new foods lately. He chose to grow carrots! I was very proud of him!
Brendan was looking for a particular plant that shoots its seeds out of pods when they are touched. I remember these from my childhood but could not remember what they were called. So after a quick phone call to my mum we found some Busy lizzy seeds! 
We came home and set about painting our flower pots. Each child approached this differently. Some used as much paint and colours as they could. some went for a minimalist, one or two colour effect and others painted pctures on their pots!

We all sat together for a meal. lots of manners, social skills and conversation being used!

All topped off with a yummy Easter egg!

We also enjoyed some Lego building while the Babies had their naps.

We also had some chill out time with a film and a snuggle on the sofa!

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