Today we set about planting up all the baby Willow plants at Forest school. We are making a Willow dome that will eventually give us a nice shelter. Some well needed shade in the summer and shelter from rain showers. It will take a while to reach that point but this is a long term project for the site.

Heather setting out the saplings

Heather lay the saplings out around the pre dug circle that we made last week and the children and parents worked together to dig a hole and plant the trees. We then watered each one!

I worked with J on this. He dug a hole that was the right size and then we looked at the roots on the sapling before putting it in the hole. He told me the roots go under ground and drink up water to help the tree grow. He then filled the hole again and we supported the sapling with a small cane to help it stay upright. J tried to toe them together but said it was too tiny so I dod that whole he watered it! We then talked about how we would need to keep checking they had enough water each day because it was so sunny!

Big kids helping!

While we did this the teenagers worked together to move the giant plastic tunnel to the Spog that we would like to use it!

EYFS areas covered

  • Physical development
  • Personal social and emotional
  • Communication and language
  • Understanding the world


Playing and exploring: J has been a keen member of this project and wanted to know about the different saplings we had been donated. He explored the mud and looked for worms and was careful not to hurt them with his spade. He was keen to have a go and take part and used the skills and knowledge he already had to plant these trees!

Active learning: He was focused for the whole activity and encouraged others around him by telling them the mud was hard but if you keep trying and if you are strong you can do it! At the end of the session he stood back and looked at all the little planted trees and there was silence for a bit from all of is. Just looking. He then looked round and said “we did a good job”!

Creating and thinking critically: J has a lot of knowledge about nature and living things. He is always taking about thr ocean and sea creatures and also insects! He chose to come and help with this activity and made connections to his knowledge about what plants need to grow and thrive.

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