PLANNING: week beginning Monday 18th November 2013

I thought I might start to put my weekly plans on line each week so that parents can see what we have lined up.

This weeks focus will be on our numbers again as the children seem to be learning so much from our Number play last week, I thought it would be worth continuing with this for a while longer.

Our other focus this week is on Road Safety which ties in with “National Road Safety Week”.  We will be learning about how to stay safe when we are out and about.  We will be enjoying some of the ideas that “Think” have put on their site for young children and using small world play to explore through our safety rules.

I ask that all parents help their children to remember the rules of road safety, especially when arriving and leaving our setting each day. I often use the phrase “Hold hands and stay safe” with the children before we leave the house and no one is allowed to run ahead. If you are walking home with children on these dark nights then please do remember to bring a torch and if possible invest in children’s fluorescent safety vests so that they can be seen more easily by passing cars.  These can be bought very cheaply and I know IKEA sell them.

For a good guide on Road safety please do look at this site.

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