I have just finished setting up the playroom for this weeks fun!
I have a few Chinese new year activities left over from last week that I would like to squeeze in if possible but we will be focusing on Pancake day, Monday and Tuesday and then moving on to focus on Valentines Day Wednesday and Thursday. This is not set in stone of course and the two will over lap quite a bit.

The home corner is set up as a Pancake kitchen! I am really looking forward to seeing how the children use this. Especially after we have made pancakes for real. How much will they remember and recreate in their play? I have included an ingredients list, as well as large and small prompt cards.

We will be making our own Pancakes this week, so there will be lots of using real life ingredients, weighing, measuring and following instructions.

I have set up a Valentines sorting activity which I hope to use as a counting activity as well for little “L”. She can confidently count to 10 but I would like to now extend this and introduce the numbers from 10 to 15.

I have also set up a couple of tray activities. The first is a sticking activity. Small foam glittery hearts on large foam hearts. Lots of opportunities to discuss size and make comparisons. This is also a great work out for their little fingers as it takes some real control to peal off the sticker backs.

I have also set up a chalking/ mark making activity.  I need to find a small cloth to add to this so that the children can wipe off the marks they make and then start again.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas of things you could do this week. It is half term week here so the older children will get to enjoy these activities as well.

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