A trip in to Oxford, Pokemon hunting, turned in to a visit to the Botanical gardens. Somewhere I have never been but fancied visiting for a while. We even ended up getting a years membership.
It is a lovely spot along the river. There are pedalos and punts for hire on the other side of the bridge if you fancy it!

The ducks were super friendly and if we had planned this visit we would have brought them a little treat.

Not a huge place to visit but that in itself makes it special. A little piece of heaven to enjoy for a morning or an hour. Little hidden treasures to find.

More tropical plants and palms are in the green houses.

This stinky plant was in flower when we visited. We were told we were very lucky as it only flowers for a couple of  days a year! We just followed our noses. A strong smell of rotten meat which the bugs love apparently!!

I would recommend you take a look around if you are in the area. Take a picnic and enjoy it by the river. They also do activity mornings for pre-schoolers.

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