The Forest school site that I have been helping to build has really started to come along! Heart of the wild wood (the forest school group we have joined with) and the local community have been so supportive. We have now set up the site as a charity and we have decided to call it an Outdoor Learning Center as we feel this encapsulates the vision for the site better.
We organised a working party to dig and build a fire pit so that we could start to run some Forest School sessions. The soil is very clay based so this worked nicely for building up an edge to the pit.

We hacked back brambles and a friend came in with some great cutting tools to make us some pathways through the site. At the end of the session we raked all the brambles in to the fire pit and had a lovely bonfire.
Kenzie helped to light it with a flint a steel.

Then we cooked stick bread over the embers and shared a cup of tea together.

I have such wonderful visions for the site and have such a strong feeling that this is one of (if not) the best and most important project I have been involved in.

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