The paths are looking amazing after last nights work party and the hard work that the community put in! I am in total amazement and filled with joy at how everyone has come together to make this site a place for our children and families to enjoy. There seems to be a real shared vision for this site and the children are buzzing with excitement to be here! 

I wanted to take my boys up for the evening and do some more bits on site today so popped a little message on Facebook to say we would be there if anyone wanted to join us.

And what do you know……. people joined us!

Teenage boys set to work collecting logs in a wheelbarrow from a nearby garden. The home owner contacted us to say we were welcome to them.
They then fetched water from the local sports and social club to part fill the water butt which had also been donated by the same family.

The site is really starting to come together.

My boys set about Christening our Kelly Kettle and making tea for everyone.

I cooked bacon for all the workers!

Chocolate digestive and marshmallow S’mores!

Toasting marshmallows!!

Another great night with locals in our very popular new community space.

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