This week we have had nothing but rain. It ment that we had to cancel out forest school  session as the site is quite open and turns in to a mud bath if we use it in heavy rain.
My sister in law is a forest school leader so she came over and we had a garden session instead. The kids could come in and out as they pleased which suited them.
We hung up a tarp and my 15 year old helped light the chimnea.
To make the baked bananas you need:
* bananas
* chocolate buttons
* mini marshmallows
* tin foil
Cut a slit along the banana and push the chocolate between the skin and the flesh. Then sprinkle marshmallows over the top. Wrap the whole lot in tin foil and place in the embers of the fire to bake. It will take about 5 mins for the flesh to warm and soften. Once baked you can eat it out of the banana skin.
It is super yummy!!!

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