Last week I set up a little Homecorner area for the children. I wanted to make it a nice enclosed space for them. I remember loving enclosed spaces as a child. 
I used a clothes horse style wooden den making frame and draped a duvet cover over it. My parents gave me an old bedside table that my sisters and I used as children. It has made the best cooker! I drew a couple of hobs on the top and I plan on adding some buttons to it as well.

I put an enamel bowl in there and a stool.

The children have all got stuck in to this with lots of enthusiasm and it has really helped them to consider others and their thoughts and ideas. Having a smaller area means they have to get along if they are going to play in that space together. They have to consider other peoples personal space and be aware of others as they move around. It has really helped with their personal, social and emotional development!

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