Just a quick blog post to share some of the fun we had over the half term week and national nest box week.
We enjoyed a Nest box themed sensory tray. I added a couple of books about British birds and the children enjoyed looking through the books to find their bird they were playing with. They also enjoyed looking at the pictures and asking me to read out what each bird eats and how they make their nests.

We talked about why birds make nests. To lay eggs.
 “You have to wait for them to go crack!” said Little “R”.
Little “X” filled a nest with eggs!

We all had a fantastic time making birds nest cakes!

Lots of bashing shredded wheat to make the nest and melting chocolate.

Sneaking the odd lick of chocolate!

We enjoyed making junk modelling bird boxes. This was planned as several children have shown an interest in  junk modelling over the past couple of weeks.

We also made little birds to go in our nests.

We talked about things that would be useful to the birds to make their nests and what we could do to make them. This was us gathering things that we found around the house to place in a suet feeder cage so that they could help themselves to it.

We also made bird feeders with lard and bird seeds. I think we will have some very happy birds in our garden!

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