After picking Little “R” up from pre-school, we all took a stroll around the village to look at the changes in the trees and plants, look for fruits and nuts and collect some of natures treasures! The sun was low in the sky and the air was cool. A beautiful Autumnal day!

We found lots of Blackberries. Little “I” said that they were “Yucky” and “Discussing!”
Little “R” gobbled up as many as she could pick!
Little “L” said she liked them but then threw them on the floor.
I got a nasty thorn in my finger!

A little bit further along and we found a tree full of crab apples. We collected some for our sensory tray.

Little “L” found a flower!

We found so much Virginia creeper and decided I need to get some to cover the garden fence behind the chicken run and hopefully have it grow over the top of the shed too! The colour would be amazing!!

We spotted cats and birds!

Walked with friends!

Collected conkers! Some of them were still in their shells. It is so nice to open them up and feel their velvety newness!

We even picked some Dandelions for Cloud and the girls had a lovely time feeding them to him when they got home!

Look at all our Treasures!! They have now been added to our sensory tray!

Being outside and seeing the changes of the season first hand is much better than looking at pictures in a book. Being able to pick different coloured leaves to bring home and compare the changes found on one tree was so engaging for all the children. They know that leaves are green and this experience challenges this knowledge. They have the chance to find out and explore! Touch the fruits and seeds for themselves. Use all their senses to learn about the changing world around them. They have space to run and move freely and breath in the fresh Autumn air and feel the low sun on their skin.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Understanding the World
  • Personal, social and emotional 

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