• To offer the children space and resources to create their own outdoor art using natural items.
  • To encourage the children to take interest in our environment and living more in touch with the land.
I would like to offer this as a regular activity throughout the year. As the seasons change, the natural materials available to us will change as well. The art created will be influenced by the seasons and It will help the children to notice changes, growth, decay and the natural cycle of the world we live in.
I very much look forward to the rich colours of Autumn and what might be created!


    Little “R” was very interested in arranging the stones she had gathered, in to interesting spirals and small piles. Stacked one on top of the other from largest to smallest. She was motivated by her own interest in stacking and arranging the pebbles.  She used her own ideas for how she wanted the art to look and showed real pride and pleasure in her finished piece. She asked me to leave it for everyone to see and it stayed there for a good week. All the other children respected her desire to save it and told her that it looked lovely! No one moved the pebbles until after the weekend. I thought this was a lovely gesture by the other children.

    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • Physical Development
    • Understanding the world
    • Language and communication
    • Expressive Art and Design 

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