We have been very lucky this week to meet some of the lambs that needed hand rearing after birth. Our local farm were fantastic and let us visit them. Emma introduced us to each one by name and explained to everyone why they were being raised by her and not their mums. 
Some of them had injuries, were deformed or orphaned or had other issues. It gave the children the chance to think about how we help animals around us who are un-well or do not have parents to look after them.

They were so friendly and keen to suck on our fingers!

We have offered our services to come and help during lambing season next year, with bottle feeding!

We also got to meet some of the older lambs who were now able to be outside. It was lovely to see them looking so well and growing.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to meet these lovely lambs and it has been another great experience for the children. Especially during our pets theme. I think several of us would have like a pet sheep now!

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