We have been enjoying some local farms recently and this is a farm that never fails to please us.The lay out is perfect for me as a childminder. Safe and secure, not too big. Plenty of well placed refreshment and toilet stops and a big central space that we can position ourselves that caters for all of the children’s ages. I talked about it in an earlier post that you ,might like to read here
Our interest in nature and wildlife extends to animals too. Where we live we are lucky to be able to walk a very short way and see all sorts of farm animals. Due to them not being in contact with people all day, they are often timid. Visiting a petting farm means that the children get to touch and feed the animals which is such a lovely experience.
I love the educational aspects of these farms too. This milking simulation is just one example of how we were provided with the opportunity to talk about where our milk comes from and have a go at milking a (plastic) cow. We have all become so detached from our food that children often believe that the shops is where all our food comes from. They have no link to the farms, crops in the fields and cattle that we see.
We were lucky enough to see some duck eggs too. I don’t think these were there to hatch. They were not being sat on and didn’t seem to be in a real nest. But again it brought up conversations around egg production and the different types of eggs that we can buy and eat.

This amazing new Piggy Palace has opened up since our last visit! Right next to the play area too so a great location for groups of us with several children of different ages. My older ones got in there to have a look around before I could extract the smaller children from the park!

This pig feeding system was fantastic! Poor the food in the trailer and wind the handle to make the tractor reverse down the track. Once it reached the end it tipped the trailer and emptied food in to the pig pens! Happy pigs and happy kids!!

So many cute piglets too! Great time of year to visit farms. babies everywhere!

Speaking of babies. We got to bottle feed the NOT so little lambs. They have grown a lot since our visit in April! Still just as greedy though. The milk is gone in seconds!

My favourite of the day had to be the baby Alpacas! They have such huge eyes. They remind me of the big eye Beanie Boos you can buy. They were a little timid but the enticement of food was too much and I did get to give them a little stroke.

The farm had even organised for a panto to be shown a couple of times a day. It was totally ridiculous, as is the way with all these shows but still a good giggle. I have decided that to be in a panto you have to be able to do silly voices and sequel a lot. 

Thanks for another great day Mead!

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