Sunny day and an Outdoor learning centre to enjoy. We took a few bits up in the week and i took the boys up to enjoy them for the afternoon. This is the mud kitchen that was donated by my sister in law. We made one for her and myself last May and now due to them having to move, she has kindly donate this one to the centre. 

I made the most of relaxing under the blue sky while my boys made me a cup of tea on the Kelly kettle.

Brendan said he would make some signs for the entrance so found some wood and used the sharpies to design one.

We kept an eye on the new herb circle. Gave it a water. Melanie did a good job making this.

Our local sports and social club had some wood that they said we could use. We found this unit in the pile and so have re purposed it as a place to store the stick bread sticks and other useful bits.

Kenzie also made a sign for the site.

I love this sign. It covers it beautifully I think!

The boys did enjoy the mud kitchen and Kenzie made a stinging nettle cure….. I didn’t want to get stung and test it though

The  boys friends came to join us and we cooked marshmallows and bacon over the fire!

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