This week the children have spent a lot of time at the table with pens and paper. I am not sure what has brought on this interest but it has produced some lovely results.

Little “E”is 4 years and 7months and is very much in to his super heroes at the moment, especially the the  Avengers characters. He has enjoyed drawing lots of pictures featuring these heroes this week and i thought i would share this one of Thor’s house and Thor.

The big news is that he wrote his name with no help on his picture and then another couple of times on another piece of paper. I would love to share it with you but as I do not share the children’s names on this blog I can not.  Sorry.

Little “R” is 23 months and added stickers to her pictures and we made them Olympics themed. She learnt some new words like Rugby ball and bicycle! We practiced our colour recognition  when i drew the Olympic rings on the paper. She is still signing her colours as she says the name!
She has fantastic pen control and holds it correctly. She makes very intricate marks on the page and then gives them meaning. “mummy” “ball” and so on. I label some of the marks as she names them.

Little “X” is 19 months and was more interested in the stickers than the mark making. He needed me to remove the backs but then enjoyed the process of getting this sticky thing off his fingers and on to the paper!
He holds his pens very high up rather than by the nib, but still makes quite small, purposeful and controlled movements! He also liked to try and draw on his stickers.

It is lovely to see 3 children at such different stages of development sharing this activity together. Adding their own interest and twists on their work.

This activity meets the EYFS

  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Creative development
  • Physical development

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