Making jewelry!

Sometimes the old play activities are still the best. A box of assorted beads and some thread and the children are happy to sit and thread for ages. My lot will focus for a good half an hour at a time, some of them longer. It seems to really interest them.

I think they find the process calming and it’s great for the development of fine motor skills and strengthening the finger muscles ready for writing!

Harvey made a really lovely necklace today which he was so proud of. He wore it for the test of the day and was keen to show his parents at pick up. He chose the colours and the little charms that he wanted to use. The children chatted to each other the whole time. Showing each other the exciting finds from the bead box!

Today’s play meets the following areas of the EYFS:

  1. Personal, social and emotional.
  2. Physical development.
  3. Communication and language.
  4. Expressive art and design.

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