A fun and yummy treat to eat but you have to work hard to get it!
We used thick fresh cream and added it to empty jam jars….. then we shook them and shook them and shook them some more. We jumped…. bounced…… wriggled…. danced….. jumped a bit more. Eventually the children (Who normally have SOOOOOO much energy) told us they were tired. So the childminders had to do the hard work!
After a lot of shacking we had butter and butter milk! We squeezed the butter to get as much butter milk as we could to make the soda bread.

Once we had enough butter milk we set about making the soda bread.  Little “R” worked hard at mixing and then kneading the dough. This was quite hard work and really worked the finger and arm muscles. After all the butter making our arms were a little bit like jelly!

Once the bread was glazed, we cooked it. The children all took one home with a little pot of butter to share with their families!


  • To make soda bread and butter from scratch.
  • To understand the process of making fresh food.
  • To use tools and be aware of food hygiene and safety in the kitchen.
I will offer more opportunities for cooking and using kitchen utensils. The children are always very focused and keen to cook and it is an important life skill!


Little “R” is very keen to cook and this interest in the activity means that she is focused, engaged and motivated. Even though the butter making was hard work, she wanted to see the “Magic happen”. Even when her arms hurt too much she cheered the rest of us on. Asking if it had happened yet!!
The stirring and kneading was hard work, especially after all the butter making, but she kept on trying to work the dough and shape it in to a roll. She remembered regularly used ingredients from our past cooking activities and asked if she could do jobs that she was anticipating in this cooking session. She was often surprised when we said that bread did not need a certain ingredient, like eggs.  She was using links from past knowledge to and activities to predict what would happen next.
She was keen to share her bread and show her mum what she had made at collection time that evening.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Understanding the world
  • Mathematics
  • Language and communication

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