Bug hotel making was the aim of the day at Forest school this week! We put a shout out on line for donations and as usual so many people were generous with their gifts!
This is the end result of our mornings work. Grand job, lead by our Forest school leader, Charlie and her helpers!

Our other Forest School leader, Melanie, helped the children make smaller versions to take home! Using real tools and wood!

Give children good quality tools to use and they will find a love for creating and building. We have all used low standard tools and the job is never as enjoyable as if we had the right tools for the job.
Children are the same. If everything is too hard or doesn’t work properly then they will soon become frustrated, By giving them the real, quality tools we are showing them that we trust them and respect them to use the tools safely and correctly.
With supervision and the opportunity, these little ones can make some amazing things!

I suspect we have many bugs living in real luxury around the county tonight!

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