Dinosaur sensory tray for pre schoolers

Dinosaur sensory tray for pre schoolers

Dino sensory tray

Dinosaur sensory tray!

Get ready to set up your own super fun Dinosaur sensory tray! Super easy and super cheap!

You will need:

  • mini plastic dinosaurs
  • Sensory tray
  • Cereal, sand, mud or some other base for your tray
  • Pine cones, stones, small plants or toy trees. Fake grass.
  • Lots of Imagination!

To make your Dinosaur sensory tray you just need to fill the base of your tray with what eve you have chosen as your sensory item. You could even add a dish of water for a little lake.  Decorate the tray with all the other items and set out for the children. Older children might like to help design the tray! This is when having a good store of loose parts comes in really helpful! Gives you lots of things to add to your scene!

Expand play…..

  • Add different sized Dinosaurs to add a mathematical element. Group by size, use words such as smallest and largest!
  • Include a story about Dinosaurs and read to your child while they explore the tray. They may like to use the tray to act out the story!


This activity meets the following areas of the EYFS:
  • Physical Development
  • Language and Communication
  • Personal, social and emotional
  • Understanding the world

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