Little “M” loves to fill up bags and pots. She has started to show an interest in Transporting items around and placing them in bags or the buggy to move them around the house. This could be the start of a Transporting schema. 
We have lots of loose parts available and these pictures show her using the small wooden cookies and some stacking pots. This activity was completely self initiated and came about after finding some of the items the older children had left out. 

I love how she found a stick and imitated stirring. It was like she was cooking. She does this action a lot when we are in the outdoor kitchen.

She found another pot and a large shell to use and started to fill and pour the wooden cookies from one to another.

She even tried to use the bowl as a scoop.

Trying to pick these small items up really worked her finger muscles. It can be tricky to pick them up when you reach the bottom of the box. Lots of careful and concentrated movements and pincer grip.

This also encouraged a lot of movement across the mid line which will help develop her Bilateral skill. A skill needed when learning to read later in life!

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Physical Development

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