In a bid to improve ICT in my setting, I bought a couple of second hand Kidizoom cameras. I placed them in the playroom and waited to see what happened.
They were a hit from day one. We explored the different visual effects and edits together and they very quickly picked up what buttons to press.
These pictures are a great example of the different effects!

They seemed to be very interested in taking photos of our pets!

I am fascinated to see the pictures of the world from their height. This door looks huge! It is a real eye opener.

I have lots of pictures of feet!

Pictures of favourite toys and play spaces.

Pictures of each other!

More toys!

I have found it really interesting and I loved looking through the photos that the children have been taking. I can see how things look to them and what they enjoy playing with. What is important to them. I will be keeping an eye on the cameras and using the images captured to help me with my planning.

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