To be honest she has been able to cut well for a while now but the interest in this skill has really bloomed in the past week or so. I have actually set up some cutting activities this week for her to further this and provide her with more opportunities to strengthen this.

She shows great control over the scissors, which are quite tricky things to get the hang of. She will sit for a good 15 minutes or more and work on cutting and sticking activities. She is very careful to mind her fingers. We are still very much at the first cutting stage, and will make lots of cuts along the edge of the paper. She can cut much further in to her paper now and if she gets stuck she will rip the last bit to separate the two halves of the sheet she is working with. She can not yet cut around a picture with purpose but this does not seem to worry her at all. She seems to quite like sticking the two halves back together again on another sheet of paper!

Well done Little “R”! Super star for you this week!

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