Today we have be practising wrapping prezzies! I saved some boxes from the recycling and added paper, scissors, tape dispensers, gift tags, ribbons and sticky bows!

They all had  a great time covering their boxes in paper.

We added sticky gift tags and the children all made marks on them. Talking about who their gift was for. Telling me the name that they were writing on the tag.

The tape dispenser was a bit tricky but everyone gave it a good go. Little “R” was very persistent!

We cut ribbons to fit around our prezzies!

Stuck pretty sticky bows on for the finishing touch!

Little “C” signing Danger to me while using the scissors.

I offered Wrapping paper and all the trimmings to provide a fun activity to help develop their fine motor skills. Many skills can be worked on whilst enjoying this experience. Wrapping and securing the paper around the box, using sticky tape, cutting paper and ribbons, peeling off the backs of the sticky bows. We will work on measurement and estimations while choosing the size of paper and ribbons to use. Mark making will also be practised as the children write on the gift tags.


This activity was a huge hit with everyone. I almost couldn’t keep up with their requests for help with paper chopping and working the tape dispenser. Each child became engaged and focused on the activity and enjoying their achievement each time they wrapped a box.
Little “L” found it tricky to wrap the paper around her box. She threw it and shouted “I can’t do it”. I have noticed this reaction a few times recently when things have become challenging. I sat next to her and talked her through the process using a gentle tone. Together we managed to cover the box and she enjoyed sticking the tape over the paper. Once we had wrapped one box together, she was more open to trying some others on her own.
Little “C” was very keen on this even when he found it hard, he kept trying. He enjoyed cutting the ribbons up even though he didn’t want to add them to his present. He became very focused and involved in the process. He was keen to have a go and even spoke and signed to me that we needed to “Stop” so that he could tell me the scissors were “Danger”. I was so impressed that he had remembered the signs and that he had shared them in such a way. He was keen to have a go and clearly enjoying achieving what he had set out to do!
Little “R” was very competent at wrapping. Her mum mentioned last week that she often wraps things up at home to give to people. She needed some help with the tape dispenser but soon managed to work that out for herself. She asked for help tying the ribbons that she had cut to size. She talked about the size of paper needed for her box. It was a big box and she had small paper. We decided to swap paper with Little “C” as he had a small box and big paper. Great problem solving and reasoning! She wrote on her gift tags, making some great marks that looked a little like letters and told me it was an “A for Abi!”.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Understanding the World 
  • Mathematics

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