Today we looked at Vegetables. Some of the little ones can be quite selective about food and I hope that doing a short topic on vegetables and even growing some of our own will encourage a few of them to try some new foods. 
I filled baskets with a large selection and left them out with the play kitchen for the children to explore and to observe how they approached this activity.
Little “R” looked at each one and asked me what they were if she didn’t already know. She pretended to chop some and actually managed to chop some of the baby sweetcorns.

Both little “R” and little “L” filled bowls with veg and cooked lots of dinners.

Little “L” liked the Radish and said that her “Babbits” would like to eat it!

Most of the morning was spent cooking and serving food! I am pleased that I chose real vegetables to use in this play. The wooden and felt one we have are very nice but these were much more rewarding for the children in their lay. They all feel different, the sweet potatoes are rough and the Aubergines are rubbery and shiny! They all smell different and are different sizes.  If the children bit one (which they did with the Peas and Baby sweetcorn) then they could taste the Vegetable as well.

We set the table and had a little dinner party!

Baby enjoyed her vegetables!

After snack time I read “Jaspers Beanstalk”  I filled a bow with beans for the children to play with while we read.

  After the story we counted the beans. Little “R” can count to 20 getting most numbers correct and Little “L” can count to 10 but gets a bit stuck on 9!

This story was my introduction in to growing our own Beans in jars. I remember doing this ass a child and every time I do this with children we are all amazed to see the Bean grow roots and sprout! It just never gets boring!

We filled our jars with kitchen towel. We over filled them as the paper will shrink down once wet.  I used to use a filter paper when I was little and I have tried it with cotton wool as well. It all works just the same.

I gave each of the girls a small label and asked them to write their names on it. They each made marks on the label and held it up to show me. “My name!”

We stuck the labels on to the jars so they would remember who’s jar was who’s.

We added our beans to the jars.

We talked about the story and the things that were needed for the Bean to grow.
Then we watered them.

We popped them on the window sill so that they would get day light.

All afternoon the girls have been running over to the jars to see if they have started to grow. I have explained that it will take a couple of days before they see a change but hopefully before the week is out, they will see some roots and shoots!

We chopped up some vegetables to roast with our Pork joint for dinner. I do not normally roast vegetables and tend to serve most of them steamed. I do love the tastes of roasted veg though and I was very pleased to see that Little “E” chose to eat his carrots which he is not usually keen on and Brendan even tried some courgette and pepper! Kenzie took it upon himself to get a jar of gherkins from the fridge and munched his way through a good quantity of them! While I cooked dinner tonight I played a game with the girls. I asked them “Who can find me…..” ad then named a vegetable. They would run off and bring me one back. Most of the time they got it right but some of the new vegetables caught them out. It was a good way to reinforce the new words and information that they learnt today!

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Understanding of the World
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics 

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