My little one love lions at the mo. They chase each other and ROAR!!! It seems to be a stage most toddlers and pre-schoolers go though. No idea why? If you are interested in some lion activities then I will share some fun facts and crafts for you to enjoy with your little ones.
These pictures were taken at the Zoo a couple of weeks ago. All the lions curled up and sleeping. This is very normal and apparently they sleep for 21 hours a day! (And I thought I could be lazy!)

Lions eat every 3-4 days! I guess it is hard to build up an appetite if you never move!
They eat BIG meals rather than the little and often we tend to eat. Imagine how you feel after an “eat as much as you like” buffet!!  Now I understand why they sleep for 21 hours!

Lions live in social groups and keep the bond with their family strong by leaning and rubbing against each other. See how they all cuddle as they sleep. They also use softer calls to show they mean no threat and being friendly to the other lions in their group.


Fork lion head pictures.

Hand Print lion

Lion facts 

Have some fun watching a bit of David Attenborough’s Nature films about Lions and look at some books at the local library. Fiction and non fiction.

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