We spent a great afternoon at a local farm for their lambing weekend. They had several breeds of sheep, including a rare breed called the Oxford Down. They have lovely fluffy heads! We didn’t see any lambs being born sadly but we did see some very new lambs and some very cheeky toddlers!

The boys found some hay bales to climb on and had a run around. Sadly they are getting older now and this does not amuse them in the way it used too. My boys are growing up 🙁

We learnt about Bee’s at one of the visiting stalls. They had some locally produced honey that we bought and Kenzie spent some time learning about the life of a Bee while Brendan made me a candle from Bee’s wax!

We spent the rest of our time in the outdoor kitchen and den making area. My lovely man went off to the cafe to get us all a hot chocolate and i helped Brendan build a den.
Kenzie’s best friend turned up (he mum was a volunteer for the day) and the boys all looked for snakes in the log piles and bug hotel!
Brendan chilled out in the newly made den and tried to play football with a big cement ornamental ball!

Brendan also enjoyed making balancing boards and trying different ways to balance them or try and lift himself up.

Kenzie spent a good amount of time in the tree’s!

His confidence has really grown over time. At one point he was so scared to get up a tree b ut now he is the first to try and climb them!

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