My friend had a Goat when i was growing up. We climbed a tree one day and this lovely Goat decided to sit at the bottom of the tree and not let me out. I just knew that the minute I jumped down I would get butted up the bum! She liked to butt me up the bum! That has stayed with me for many many years. But despite that early experience I would still love to own a Goat! They are such lovely creatures. 
We have been  visiting a lot of farms recently. It just seems the thing to do around Spring. All the babies are being born and there seems to be so  much going on!
Easter holidays gave me the opportunity to take my older mindies out for the day. We paid out entry to the farm and bought our bags of animal feed each (only 80p extra).  Then off we went to find the animals. The adult Goats here are so friendly and really gentle when taking the food from us. The children were all pretty brave and giggled a lot at being licked! The kids in the pens were jumping over each other and making us laugh. One was asleep with his head in a food trough. Others were standing on hay bales!

Even my lad who is now 15 enjoyed our farm trip and feeding the animals. He has even asked to go back again!

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