This week we have stepped up the Jubilee fun! Here are some of the things we have been up too. I have so many ideas I would like to do with the children but I am worried I am going to run out of time 🙁

We have enjoyed a spot of dressing up!

We went to Playbus on Monday morning and they had a couple of Jubilee activities set up. The girls made some Streamers, which they used to pop bubbles they were chasing!

They also painted some pictures!

We made crowns yesterday morning. Little “R” really enjoyed this and loved wearing it!

I ordered some fantastic London stickers from Yellow moon. I think I will get some more of these for the Olympics activities as well!

This morning we popped to our  local museum. It is a very small one and only has a couple of rooms, but that is just perfect for the little ones. They had one room dedicated to the Jubilee and we had fun exploring all the activities.

We waved flags, had a go at the jigsaw, which was a picture of the royal family and sat in the throne with our robes and crowns on!

I hope you are having a fun week and enjoying some Jubilee activities of your own. I will be adding more ideas as the week goes on.

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