Sorry I have been quite for a couple of weeks. We went on a family holiday to the Isle of Wight and haven’t quite got back in to the swing of things again.

The weather was a bit hit and miss while we were away. This didn’t put us off though. The boys took any opportunity to strip off and jump in to the sea! We fossil hunted, rock pooled and popped back to the Dinosaur museum that we enjoyed last summer. 

Brendan enjoyed exploring the bones and fossils that have been collected from parts of the Island.

They also pretended to be archaeologists. Using brushes to unearth the bones.

Kenzie took part in a quiz. He had to find all the letters hidden them around the museum and then try and work out what dinosaur they spelt.

We played a game about extinction and survival!

When we had booked in to our caravan park, we thought it might be nice to check out the beach that is connected to the campsite. We found a Dragon sleeping in the sand!

We found some rock pools at the far end of the beach and had a hunt around in them for some sea creatures. There wasn’t very much. We found a snail and a baby crab though!

They also spent a lot of time doing this. I didn’t really think it was warm enough for a swim…. but what did I know?

Not bad for our first day! We were really not sure what to expect from the weather and just decided to make the most of what ever sun we were lucky enough to get!

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