You will need:
  • White cotton top
  • Hand dye, such as Dylon. (That is the brand we used)
  • Large bucket
  • Elastic bands
  • Water

First of all take sections of your top and wrap elastic bands around it. the more sections you do this too the more circles you will have on your top.

Mix the hand dye with the water as instructed on the packet. Use an old wooden spoon to push the top in to the water. The spoon will stain so make sure its not one you want to stay clean! Leave the tops in the dye for a couple of hours for a good strong colour. 

 Take out the tops (best to use rubber gloves for this bit) and rinse out the top in cold water. Then remove the rubber bands and leave to dry. To make these colour fast then follow the instructions on your dye packet. Also wash these separately a couple of times to prevent colour run in to other clothes.

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