A nice activity to set up over Thanksgiving is Tepee making. While reading our Thanksgiving story, the children noticed the different houses that the native Indians lived in and then the ones built by the Pilgrims. We had a look online at the difference between Wigwams, which were like huts and the Tepees which are tall and pointy! The Tepees have some lovely symbols and shapes drawn on them. I have a book of crafts from around the world and It shows some tribal markings and their meanings in it. I shared this with the children and we had a go at drawing some of them on our own Tepee’s. You could look online for a similar printout of symbols for the children to look at and use as a prompt.

To make these you will need:
Paper plates cut in half
Wax crayons
A stapler

Decorate the half plate with wax crayons, drawing symbols and bright shapes. 

Then use the flat edge of a brown crayon to lightly colour over the top. Curve the plate round and staple it half way up the join. Fold back the flaps for doors. We also added a feather in the top!

Today’s activity meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
Physical Development
Expressive Art and Design
Communications and Language

Understanding the world

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