You will need: 

  • Cardboard cut in to the shape of an owl
  • Googly eyes
  • Colourful paint
  • Colourful leaves 
  • Glue
First you need to paint your owl shapes. Any colour is good! I let the children select the colours they wanted and then set them free with the paint. It is best to let the owls dry before moving on to the next part.

Once dry we used glue to position and stick on the eyes. Some children stick them in the standard eye spot…. others are a bit more random with the positioning. But that is fine. Let them put them were they want. For that matter… let them add as many eyes as they want too!

We take the same approach with the leaf wings. One of our owls only has one wing.  The art is the children’s to take ownership of so stand back and let them decide where things need to be stuck.

Display your finished owl with pride!

Today’s play meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Physical Development
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the world

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