With International “Talk like a Pirate Day” being tomorrow, we have been working on making a Treasure chest for our role play. We were lucky enough to have a hinged shoe box in the cupboard. This was perfect for what I had in mind.

I mixed up some paint with PVA glue in glass jars. This helps the paint to stick better to the box and stops it from rubbing off and flaking whilst being played with! We talked about what colour we thought Treasure chests were and what colour we should paint ours. They chose brown paint to look like wood!

Everyone set about covering the box with paint. I set them a challenge to try and cover every bit of the box. They were so sweet. pointing out any parts that did not yet have paint on and quickly covering it up!

After leaving it to dry for a few days, Little “R” helped me to draw a wood effect on the box. We looked at the marks on the kitchen floor and then made similar lines over the paint.

I cut some strips of kitchen foil and Little “R” pasted them with glue and stuck them on to the top of the box.

I added some finishing touches with split pins.

Using sticky tape over the split pin bases to protect small fingers!

I used a silky Superman cape to lay in the bottom of the chest and then filled it with lots of different jewels!

I used some jewellery from the dressing up box, added some old coins, glass gems and some table gems saved from my dads 60th birthday meal!

I have set it up in the playroom and can not wait for the children to find it!!

I even managed to find an old bunch of keys that they can use to pretend to lock and unlock the chest!

 It was lovely to see the children so keen to join in with this craft activity. They had spent the morning dressing up in Pirate clothes and having sword fights. We read some stories and looked at the pictures, pointing out things that interested each of them. When it came to choosing how the box should look, the children used their knowledge from the stories and pictures. Remembering that the chests are made from wood and should be brown and that they are full of Treasure! They then transferred this to the project in hand, sharing their ideas, becoming excited as they spoke and agreeing on an end result.They were excited and proud of how well painted their box was and kept checking to make sure they hadn’t missed any bits. Enjoying their team work and achievements! 

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the World

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