We signed up to help out at our local wildlife rescue center, back in the summer. We often taken injured wildlife to the center and the children like to visit the animals that have not recovered enough to be released. They have a lovely home at the center so it is not as sad as it sounds for them. 

We picked them up and took them home with us. The Wildlife Hospital gave us a Hedgehog house for them to sleep in. We filled it with hay and put down some water and dog food.

Three little prickly palls settled in well but one did not move or try and get to shelter or food. We brought him in for the night and took him back to the hospital to be checked on and released at a later date. The boys are very pleased that we have been able to help these little ones. The children I care for have been popping in to the garden to check on them and as the days have gone by, we seem to have less Hedgehogs. Hopefully they are finding their feet and venturing off through the gardens to find their own food.

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