We always enjoy Halloween and try to find new ideas to include. My sisters came over with my nephew this year and they brought some fun things to enjoy, with them! 

This fun spider web activity gives children the chance to make the web by threading the yarn or string through the washing basket and then adding the spiders. We talked about what spiders like to eat and found plastic fly’s to feed them!

Decorating pumpkin shapes with a selection of buttons in tones of orange is a very effective craft. Older children would add more buttons which would look amazing but it still looks lovely with just a few added to the template. Then add a green stalk (where ever you fancy) and you have a cool pumpkin!

Ceramic pumpkin tea light holders can be bought from most art suppliers. Such as Baker Ross. These are easy to decorate with a range of media. we used acrylic paint. Add a battery tea light and you have a sweet little night light for the child’s bedroom!

Resistance painting with paper bats on black paper looked really effective! Use a sponge and bright paint to dab over the top of the bats which you can place on the black paper and hold down with a dot of blue tac. Once dry, remove the bats and you are left with a fantastic Batman type image on your paper!

A nice messy sensory activity is shaving foam in a large tray, with drops of paint in it. Add some creepy bugs and spiders and let the children get mucky. I recommend a big bowl of bubbly water near by for the clean up!

Get creative with your potion making activity and offer some interesting ingredients! Toe nail clippings (or soap shavings), sashes of unicorn hair (or tea bags) make some amazing props for this activity!

Set up a pumpkin hunt and find out what the Halloween word says! Great for letter recognition and observational skills!

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