Oh how this took me back to my childhood! Sometimes the old simple ideas are the best!  I introduced the children to leaf rubbing’s this week. This is quite a tricky skill to master as it requires the leaf and paper to stay still on the table while you rub with the edge of the crayon, over the top.

All the children wanted to use the tip of the crayon as they do when drawing but it was a new concept for them to turn the crayon on its side and rub it over the page. It required some practice for most of them to get the hang of and pushing with enough pressure was also a bit tricky for them in the beginning.

Very soon though they all got the hang of it and created some wonderful, colourful Autumn pictures!

We looked at the leaves and then at the pictures we had made and the children noticed all the veins on both. We matched some of the leaves back with the leaves we could see on the pictures and noticed that some were different. We had several types of leaves from different trees, that we had collected on our nature walk.
This was not only a lesson in fine motor skills but also a great activity for them to all use their powers of observation!

This activity was offered to the children to give them the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills and for me to observe what stage they are at in this area. It has shown that some children would benefit from some more activities like this. Activities where they have to apply different levels of pressure to get results. I will plan to offer these more over the coming weeks. Each child showed great interest and concentration in this activity and there was clear joy from achieving what they had set out to do. With each leaf that appeared on the paper as they rubbed the crayon over it, there was a smile and a desire to share their achievements and the “Magic” with others around them. It took practice for each child to get the hang of this but they were all willing to have a go and kept on trying till they had produced something beautiful! They recognised and identified colours, matched leaves and noticed similarities and differences amongst them. 

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Physical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Communication and Language

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