First day back to work after a week off and we had so much fun!

I decided to get the shaving foam out. This is a really cheap play option and it keeps the kids entertained for ages. I had children from 2 years to 10 years playing with this today and to be honest I really enjoyed it as well and I am i’m a grown up!  
I have a big tray that I bought from the garden center some years ago. I think it cost about £5 and I use it for all sorts of sensory play. The shaving foam cost 26p a can and I just added some spoons, foam bath letters and numbers, plastic pots from the recycling and a couple of dump trucks.  So when I say cheap….. I mean Uber cheap!
I set up the tray in the kitchen on the floor. The foam is easy to wipe up with a towel, is not sticky and doesn’t stain. Placed a couple of hand towels close by and lay everything out for the children to come and explore!
Little “R” was the first to come and check it all out. I squirted some foam in to some pots and handed her the can. She didn’t have the finger strength to make the foam come out and after a few attempts handed it back to me. I added more foam to the tray and she chose a pot and spoon from the tray and started to mix the foam!

Little “R” made a foamy letter cake!

Brendan and Kenzie made a Foam mountain and wondered how big they could make it!!

Very soon it became like a lucky dip on the tray. or a guess the object game, as everything became covered in foam and hidden from sight!

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