The weather has been so nice this week that it was great to get outside. We had started the week off with 2 days of high winds and weather warnings and we were all feeling rather cooped up. Then the sun came out and we were “FREE”!

I set up an activity on the table outside and let the children explore it. I placed perspex mirrors and a bowl of coloured glass nuggets out popped a few of the nuggets on to a mirror as an introduction to play.

The girls were both very interested to see what I was doing and came over, asking if they could touch them.
“Of course! See what you can find to do with them!”

So they set about exploring the mirror and the effects of the reflections changing as they moved . From one angle they could see the fence and from a different angel they could see the sky and clouds!

“I” placed green nuggets along the bottom of the mirror and told me it was grass.

“L” spent time grouping and naming the colours of the nuggets before making a picture. She also spent quite a bit of time moving on her chair so that one minute she was working with a sky reflection and other times she was working with a fence reflection, or a bush.

“I” continued to make her picture, giving it sky and a sun.

“L” made a waterfall and lake. She added a rabbit to the little area of grass and then a Dinosaur came along!

The learning outcomes of this activity are broad.

  • Grouping and sorting buy colour
  • Talking about texture
  • Counting
  • Colour recognition
  • Creative art activities
  • Adding and subtraction exploration
  • Pattern making and following
  • Mosaic making
  • Quantity comparison
  • Letter formation
By adding the mirror you are extending these opportunities further.
  • Looking at doubling by standing the mirror up and places nuggets on the table in front of it.
  • Depth perception
  • Exploring how reflections change as you move and change your perspective
  • Scientific enquiry
  • Exploring reflections.

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